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Soar along on a clever girl’s flight of fancy in a whimsical ode to free spirits, inventiveness, and flying pigs.

Light taps into the allure of flying, the charm of old gadgets, and the joy of secret spaces in his lighter-than-air fantasy.” –Publisher’s Weekly

Zephyr is a girl who loves airplanes. She draws pictures of them, makes them out of paper, builds them out of junk, and hopes one day to fly one of her own. But when Gramma, Daddy, and Mom are too busy to play airplane with her, Zephyr’s excess enthusiasm gets her sent to her room — where she discovers a secret door that leads to the most wondrous place she’s ever seen! Lovers of flying machines and gadgets, along with adventurers of all kinds, will be buoyed by this lighthearted tale of a little girl who finds her wings.

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“With a delicious and magical story that is paired with wonderful illustrations, this is a picture book that dreamers of all kinds will enjoy.”

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“When we are happy and brimming over with the joy, it is the perfect time to give pleasure to someone else. That is exactly what Zephyr does. You will find your spirits lifted by this rousing tale of the fire power of passion, imagination, and joy all blended together.”

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